Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Renu Jain


Two decades of Twenty first century have seen substantial changes in higher education scenario in India. There seems to be an academic revolution in higher education marked by a paradigm shift in scope and opportunity. Indian education system, considered as one of the largest of its kind in the world, faces enormous challenges in the new millennium. Devi Ahilya University, has geared up itself to meet these challenges of higher education and become an institution that takes a leadership role in promoting new ideas, the spirit of integration of the global scenario, and cultivation of intellect and culture among its stakeholders.
The university beholds the vision of creating; advancing and disseminating knowledge with collective wisdom, through value based holistic education. To achieve this vision, we are striving to excel in both quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of higher education. While on one hand the university has been introducing new professional programs to meet the industry requirement of skilled professionals, on the other hand, university has also been preserving traditional programs which are essential for knowledge enhancement. Providing inclusive education at affordable cost to all the segments of society is an essential role that this university has been playing successfully.

With more than 2 lacs students in 270 affiliated colleges and over 10000 students in UTDs, this university is the largest university in Central India. With excellent infrastructure, updated technology, emphasis on research and innovation, the university is gearing up to become a world class institution.

The University is also sensitive to the needs of local community. It caters to educational needs of wide variety of population ranging from well developed tier II city Indore to the underdeveloped tribal and rural backward districts like Jhabua. The university carefully strikes a balance in terms of programs offered and resources for these extreme cross section of society.

All the future actions, plans and programs of the university are focused towards crafting a future generation which is capable of building a humane society.

Indore has witnessed the leadership of its noble female ruler Devi Ahilya Bai who was famous for her societal concern and justice to all. This university is striving to follow her by providing affordable and good quality education opportunity to all in the society.

As a Vice Chancellor, I have faith in the future of this institution and I have strong belief in the vision that drives this university. It is derived from its logo statement as “DhiyoYonahPrachodayat”. This, in Sanskrit, is derived from Gaytri Mantra: verse of Rigveda iii/62/10, which means “May all thoughts be inspired by that divine light and dispel the darkness”.

Professor Dr.Renu Jain
Vice Chancellor