Common Statutes in M.P. Universities

Number Title of the Statute
1 Qualification, Terms And Conditions of Services of Kulpati
1(A) Term And Conditions Of Service Of Rector / Pro Vice-Chancellor
2 Powers Of The Kulpati
3 The Registrar-His Emoluments And Conditions Of Service, Powers And Duties
4 The Dean Of Students Welfare-Terms And Conditions Of Service, Powers And Duties
5 Learned Professions
6 Meeting Of The Court
7 Standing Committee Of The Academic Council
8 Other Faculties
9 Constitution And Powers Of The Faculty
10 Board Of Studies
11 Powers Of The Board Of Studies
12 Qualifications Of Student Members Of Board Of Studies
13 Annual Report
14 Honorary Degree
15 Registration Of Graduates
16 Seniority Of Teachers Of The University
17 Seniority Of Principals
18 Seniority Of Heads Of Departments In Affiliated Colleges
19 Preparation And Maintenance Of Seniority Lists
20 Other Officers Of The University-Conditions Of Service, Powers And Duties
21 Funciions And Duties Of Finance Controller
22 Qualifications Of Teachers In Affiliated Colleges
23 Election Of Registered Graduates To The Court
24 Election Of Student Members To The Court
25 Election Of Teachers Representatives On The Court
27 Admission Of Colleges / Institutions
28 College Code
29 Appointment Of Examiners
30 Administration Of Endowments
31 Conditions Of Service For University Employees
32 Building Committee
33 Convocation
34 Election Or Representative Of Non-Teaching Employee On The Court
36 Autonomous College
37 Sports Committee
38 Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme For Employees Of The University
39 College Development Council
40 Special Statute For Stopping Ragging In University And Its Affiliated Colleges
41 The Board Of Students Welfare
42 The Superintending Staff Of The Hostel
39 (Old) Appointment Rules And Regulation For Self Finance DAVV Employees