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Dear Friends!
Welcome to the website for School of Chemical Sciences, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.
The School of Chemical Sciences is on a fascinating path of growth and development. Since its establishment in 1972, it has risen to become one of the premier institutions for scientific research across the country. It has gone to outreach and fetch scholars from all over the country to enrich its faculty strength and quality. It has impressive facilities to inculcate an atmosphere conducive for high quality research and teaching pedagogy. It excels in providing the best quality post-graduate courses in Chemistry with a flexibility to meet the current dynamic scenario. It provides students with M.Sc. in Chemistry, M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemistry. Its newly designed curriculum is based on the principle of more hands on experience with strong fundamentals offering more choices to the students and imbibing social and national commitments in them. This department has helped students reach a pinnacle in their careers, such as leading positions in Pharma companies, NET/GATE qualifications, prestigious ISCA Young Scientist Awards, D.S. Kothari Fellowship, S.P.M. Fellowship and other National / State Awards. The department has been supported by the SAP-DRS-Phase I status provided by the UGC along with a grant of Rs. 126 lakhs for a period of 2017-2021. At the School of Chemical Sciences, we aim to become a leader of the premier institutes that provide world class research. And hence, we together at large aim to fulfil our motto-

धियो योनः प्रचोदयात् |
(Deploy out intellect on the right path).

Dr.Pratibha Sharma


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