Institute of Management Studies WELCOMES YOU!!!

Since last five decades of its operations IMS has set forth new milestones every year; we have not just contributed to the body of knowledge but we have tried to revive the spirit of education, Foster learning and embody ethics that are reflected in our students & faculties.

IMS alumni is one of the most respected fraternities in the country, giving us courage to innovate, reinvigorate our visions & dream beyond mediocrity. Instilling the roots & values, with the necessary international exposure,the andragogy at IMS is dictated by 360 degree development of our students. Which initiates curiosity, challenges beliefs and incubates fresh ideas; to give their personality overall boost. It concentrates on combination of employable skills, social skills and envelopes the practicality of corporate world.

From classroom to thinklabs, Entrepreneurship Summit, Cultural Enclave and several outdoor field studies, our teaching style is not limited to classrooms or distinct clubs, it includes activities solely led by students. We promise our students give the front seat while designing their future.

Our Faculty members and entire staff is dedicated in making IMS the best global education hub delivering 'success in action'. IMS encourages the faculties to 'be the learner and the learnt' in the process called education. For the quality is the key, & IMS is the epitome of sincere efforts in the direction of students' well being. IMS is happy to adapts to any new developments in the system and hence the entire system continues to evolve to keep that quest for betterment intact.

It gives me immense hope and pride to join as a director of an institute That has nurtured me as a human being. I am humbled to be given an opportunity to return that humbly, By leading the institute to its best practices, world class infrastructure and creating professionals that are socially enlightened & add value not just to any organisation but to this country by contributing to its holistic growth.

In the end I would say 'wisdom is persistence- you will only be truly blessed by it, if you keep evolving, exploring, and challenging the status quo.'

Professor (Dr.) Sangeeta Jain
Director IMS,DAVV

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